Welcome to the Edge Neighborhood.

Our mission is to solidify a safe, and culturally diverse, living and working environment, from Midtown to the Mississippi.


The Edge is an eclectic mix of everything from artists, antiques, and restaurants, to hospitals, body shops, and ballparks. It is an area, rich in musical and artistic heritage. It is home to many long established businesses as well as many exciting upstarts. Take a look at these businesses and familiar places that we are proud to have in The Edge neighborhood. The Edge was born from the efforts of the artistic and industrial camps to unite to create a mutually tolerant, dynamic, and diverse community. The Edge became the "Big Brother" organization to represent the community interests of Artfarm, the popular area artists group and festival, and the business community. Thru this strange mix of characters came a synergy of spirit, to revitalize and ignite a long-depressed and somewhat forgotten quadrant of our city. The Edge has been an active participant in the master plan for the Medical Center Redevelopment Plan. We've also championed many Downtown/Midtown causes, from the development of AutoZone Park, to the Medical Center trolley extension.



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